Science Behind The Technology Of ReTouch - Air Compression System


Faster Recovery


Increased blood circulation helps to eliminate fatigue, reduce inflammation and provides a faster recovery

When you exercise, you ‘stress’ your muscles, causing minor tears to your muscle fibres. These tears are what will later cause you to improve, but initially they result in muscle inflammation and the accumulation of metabolic waste (lactate, pyruvate, ammonia, bicarbonate and pH).
The small muscle injuries result in a combination of soreness, fatigue and reduced muscle strength, which limit your ability to train at full strength and get the most benefit from your workout. That’s why the ability to recover rapidly is so important. (

By using ReTouch in your daily workout, you can speed up the recovery process that your body’s lymphatic and vascular systems perform naturally over a longer period of time. Pneumatic compression increases blood circulation and helps your body get rid of accumulated waste in your muscles faster and more efficiently than your body normally can. The result is that your muscles heal and recover faster.


Prevention And Shortening of Injury Periods

Increased blood circulation helps to remove waste products and can help you prevent injury and recover from them faster

Injuries are very disruptive to your training and are the athlete’s worst nightmare. Injuries such as shin splints, inflammation of the Achilles tendon and runners knee are nevertheless something that most athletes have experienced.

There may be many reasons for your injury; technique, excessive training and lack of recovery. You should therefore refrain from doing too much, too often and too quickly. The body needs time to adapt to changes in your workout, and to changes in your training hours or intensity. Muscles and joints require recovery time so that they can recover and cope with the requirements imposed by your training. If you force the exercise process, you may break down your body instead of building it up.

Research shows that compression and massage improve oxygenation and reduce inflammation and muscle micro-trauma (the small tears that training causes in your muscles). In this way, a set of recovery boots can help you recover from your training faster and thus reduce your risk of injury caused by excessive training.

Greater Results

Faster and more effective recovery can give you better training quality and thus better results

Although there are many factors to consider when you want to improve your performance, the ability to consistently perform your training is a high priority, in addition to the quality of your workout.

However, consistent training is not enough if your body has not sufficiently recovered. Muscle soreness, reduced muscle strength and fatigue will dramatically reduce the effectiveness of your workout and may lead to a downward spiral that prevents you from exercising regularly and may also be a potential risk of injury (excessive training).

To prevent the above, the vast majority of top athletes include regular recovery periods in their training schedules. Sufficient sleep and proper nutrition can help ensure a good recovery. If you include at least a 30-minute compression session in recovery boots, you will experience additional recovery benefits.

The compression in a set of recovery boots will increase blood circulation and speed up your body’s natural recovery process by eliminating the accumulation of metabolic waste products and lactate after training. Users of ReTouch - Air Compression Systems often experience that their muscles are:

  • less sore.
  • fresher.
  • looser.
  • less fatigued.

These benefits can help you get the most from your training. The ability to recover faster after your last training session can help you to maintain (or even increase) your exercise volume and intensity, which can ultimately improve your performance.

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