What We Offer

Our goal is to help you grow your business while providing more value to your customers. 


We will help you add a new income stream by providing effective and modernized rehabilitation products in combination with profit-driven services. 


How does it work?

We will help you start reselling and renting out products to your customers, with the goal of increasing your revenue by up to 10%. After discussing an optimized solution for you particular clinic, we will tailor an approach to maximize your results, and work towards that goal in the most effective way possible.   


Why should you choose to work with us?

Because we will help you increase your revenue and contribute to increased customer value, without taking up much of your time. We can help you automate your online store and get low 

With a low capital risk, and high margins, you will be able to add a semi-passive income to your clinic and improve your customer experience while also bringing in more profit. 



Possible outcomes


Help your clients remotely

Start treating your clients on distance. Our products are designed to be simple and easy to use for both professionals and non-professionals, enabling you to set up a rehabilitation program that your client can perform at home, between clinic visits. 


Improve clients experiences at your clinic

With more effective and modernized products, you can add new treatment methods to your daily appointments to treat your clients better and faster.


Acquire more customers

The combination of exclusive and innovative products together with new marketing opportunities will help you acquire more customers. With our social media marketing knowledge, we can help you get new customers and grow your clinic.  


Increase the AOV per customer

With new treatment methods and new opportunities to provide more value to your customers, you will be able to increase the average order value of your customers by offering new treatment solutions and bundles.


Add a semi-passive stream of income to your clinic

With opportunities to rent out products to clients, you will be able to add a new sales funnel and reach people all over the country. Let us help you set up the renting process on your website and why not market the service for you as well. 


Increase your clinic’s visibility and reach

We know how costly it can be to acquire a customer. If you want to reach new potential customers for free, and scale up your business, we can offer clients shopping on our website an appointment with you, where you then can turn them into long term customers. You will also get visibility on our website and get your clinic's name out there!